Update Time! I finished my thesis!

Hello all,

Long time, no write! I apologize for my vacancy on this blog and on social media lately -- over the last few months I have been busy with finishing my thesis! Now that it's finished, however, I am ready to get busy and create a lot of new blog content for you guys! I have several great entries in the works, so look forward to reading some interesting literary topics in the coming weeks. 

I have some questions for you guys:

In order to make more content for this blog, would you like to hear more about literature in general, rather than just video games? Do you have any suggestions for me or questions you would like for me to answer? Feel free to discuss these topics in the comments. I would also appreciate it if you would take a few minutes to fill out a survey I have created to try to gain a better understanding of what my readers want to see. Thank you for your interest in my humble blog!