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Photo of the author, a white woman with brunette hair, wearing bold blue glasses and a multicolor shirt, standing in a forest.
Photo © Natasha Nanda

Kirsten Rodning is currently most famous for fighting a rabid wolf one handed and surviving (it was actually a grey fox but the species changes each time the story is told). She hopes to someday soon be more famous for her writing, but she'll take whatever she can get.

Kirsten is also an educator and was previously an Interlibrary Loan Coordinator. Her areas of study include but are not limited to: Medieval Literature, Tolkien Studies, Ecocriticism and Nature Writing, Disability Studies, and Game Studies (for which she writes a dedicated blog).

Along with her blog, Video Games as Literature, Kirsten also writes poetry, guest blog posts, short stories, nonfiction articles, and other types of media. See below for external links and more information about hiring Kirsten for writing or editing work. 

Kirsten enjoys hiking (preferably without fighting the local wildlife), nature photography, sewing and wearing costumes, and collecting My Little Ponies. She lives in a small cottage in the southern Appalachian mountain region.

Reinhardt University: B.A. English
Georgia College and State University: M.A. English


Guest Blog Posts Here and Here.

Poem Published in Reinhardt Magazine vol. 14 no. 1 Fall 2008

If you wish to contact Kirsten, feel free to send a message through social media (links at the top of the page and on the side bar), or send an email to kirsten [at] myforestlibrary [dot] com

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