Announcement: Video Games as Literature Panel at Momocon 2022 in May!

Announcement! I will be running a panel on Video Games as Literature at Momocon 2022! Momocon is "an all-ages geek culture convention" taking place in Atlanta, Georgia, May 26-29th, 2022. Keep reading for more information on my panel, entitled "Video Games as Literature 101," and on Momocon in general!

Momocon in Atlanta logo

Momocon is one of the largest fan conventions in Georgia (and possibly in the entire southeast?). You can read more about Momocon here. Fun fact: I attended the very first Momocon back in 2005 and have been going almost every year since! This is the first time I'll be running my own panel.

Video Games as Literature 101 will be happening on Thursday evening at 8:30pm. (That's Thursday May 26th) in Panel Room 208. See the full Momocon schedule here, and don't forget to download the Momocon app if you're going! Trust me, it will be extremely helpful. The panel will include discussion of Shadow of the Colossus, Final Fantasy (multiple series entries), and more! Feel free to come with questions and thoughts about any literary games you want to discuss.

I am also planning to stream the panel on Instagram Live for accessibility purposes for anyone who is unable to attend in person due to disability/illness or any other reason. Don't forget to follow Video Games as Literature on Instagram to see the live recording. Keep in mind that it will be taking place Thursday, May 26 at 8:30 pm Eastern Time.

Speaking of disability, please remember that masks are required at Momocon. I am still high risk, so I am only safe at Momocon as long as everyone follows the masking protocols! Thank you for keeping me alive to blog another day.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions! I can't wait to see you at Momocon!