National Readathon Day!

     Today, January 24th, is National Readathon Day! For this auspicious event, I have pledged to read for a minimum of four hours between midnight and 11:59 p.m. (mainly from noon to 4:00 p.m., the official event hours) on the day itself, but I expect to read much, much more than that. You can follow my reading progression on my Goodreads page -- I will update as often as I am able. I expect to use this time to do some reading for my thesis studies, but also to read the large stack of graphic novels my brother loaned me -- so some reading will be high brow, some low brow, but who knows which will be which (seriously, I have read some really terrible academic writing).

     So, please visit THIS LINK to donate as much money as you are able to the National Book Foundation! 

     Your money will be going towards increasing national literacy, which is a very important cause! The more literate people are, the more understanding they will be able to be. You know what that means? Fewer internet trolls! So go donate now. :) 

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