We're Back Up!

Hi everyone! I must apologize profusely for this website's several month disappearance. If I am to be completely frank, I am still learning when it comes to website hosting. That means that, through an unfortunate email kerfuffle and an inopportune trip to the hospital, I lost the web domain videogamesasliterature.com (don't click that link -- it'll take you to the scalpers who want to sell me my domain back for almost $1,000). If you look in your address bar, the website is now www.videogamesaslit.com, and I hope it will stay that way as long as possible! So, please, if you like my blog and my writing, change your bookmarks to the new address! Or if you're too cool for bookmarks, make a mental note of the change. Note that everything else is the same: the Twitter page, Steam group, and Facebook content have not changed! So if you're following any of those, they will continue to update you whenever I have new content available to read.

On to more interesting topics: I recently bought Disney Infinity (yep, I had to wait until the game was no longer being manufactured before I finally caved). Tune in soon to hear my thoughts on Disney Infinity and the history of Disney games. That article should be coming soon! In the meantime, enjoy E3, which is happening right now and has me really excited!

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